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Equine Feed and Supply Fall Savings

Our Equine Feed and Supply fall promotions are now in full swing at both the Franklin and Fairview Co-op’s in Williamson County.  We’ve been committied to our community Equine needs for more than 70 years. We understand each horse is a riding companion, athlete and part of your family. That’s why we provide a wide ranging selection of Equine of all kinds, from high-quality feeds to animal health products, tack, equipment, apparel, accessories, and much more. Best of all, we have knowledgeable staff who can help you select the right products and make recommendations to meet your needs. For everything equine, shop our Franklin and Fairview locations and enjoy new savings.










Raise Your Own Egg Laying Hens!

One of the fastest growing trends in Nashville is the “Backyard Flock” in other words raising your very own Egg Laying Hens.  While hundreds of people dream of raising their own chickens for many reasons; fresh eggs, sustainability, fertilizer, weed & insect control, education, etc; it can be difficult for the first time chicken owner to know where to get started.  At the Williamson Farmers CO-OP, we pride ourselves on being able to get anyone started on their family’s first chicken flock.  

We stock many different kinds of pullets (those are the female, egg laying hens) from the beginning of March through the end of April, with new chicks coming in weekly.  From the “Easter Egg” laying Ameraucanas to the dark brown egg layers like the Welsummers, there is a breed out there for everyone to love.  A question we often get is how many chicks the new owner should purchase.  Our answer is 6, this seems to be a happy number amongst pullets & they are able to form bonds with & rely upon each other as they grow.  

When preparing to bring in your first flock, we recommend setting up your coop before you buy chicks, whether you build your own or purchase one from us, we are happy to help with advice.  Because when you buy chicks from us, they are newly hatched you will also need to have prepared a place to contain them for the first couple of months so that they will be under a heat lamp & safe from predators; this also helps them get to know & trust you.  By filling your temporary container & your coop with shavings, your ladies will have a nice, cushy place to run around & rest on.  The final thing we recommend purchasing before you buy your girls is a system for watering & feeding your egg laying hens.  By having this already in place, you will be able to simply fill them up & enjoy watching your newest friends play & explore once you bring them home.

There’s only one thing better than Farm Fresh Eggs, that’s fresh eggs from your own backyard! Drop by the Coop, we are happy to help get you started! 

Lawn and Garden Spring Sales Event

Our customer favorite Lawn and Garden Spring Sales event begins March 25th and runs thru April 13, 2019. We have big savings for many of the supplies you need each spring such as Bonnie Six Pack starter plants, plant food, grass seed, Black Oil Sunflower Seed and so much more!

Visit this link to view and print out our full “Let’s Grow Together” Sale Event for all your lawn and garden spring needs.

Your local Farmers Coop located near downtown Franklin on Eddy Lane started in 1946, when a group of determined farmers formed the Williamson Farmers Co-op to provide a more reliable source of agriculture supplies. Today, the Co-op is locally owned by more than 1,300 farmers in our community, and that same spirit of self-help and cooperation continues to drive our business today. Drop by and ask us all your question for your Farm, Lawn or Home Garden.



What Are the Best Weed Control Products?

Bodine Burnout weed control
The best organic solution for controlling weeds in a safe way.

Weed control is a nuisance that both farmers and lawn and gardens combat daily. We’ve dubbed 2016 the year of the weeds and pests! In TN the climate has been perfect for production of weeds- we started out the growing season hot and dry which quickly turned hot and rainy. Our farmers and gardeners have been battling weeds and pests like no other. We at Williamson County Farmers Cooperative have been working with customers to help them have a profitable farming year and successful summer garden with the help of many products including Bonide. Bonide has a full line of products for your home, garden and farm, whether you want to manage things organically or conventionally, we have the answer to your problem! Visit this link to match your weed to our weed finder chart to learn which of our products will help control your weeds best.

Bodine organic

The best way to control weeds in your yard is to build up your grass. Bonide Lawn Fertilizer and Seed can help you have a beautiful, weed free lawn. Mosquitos thrive in tall weeds, also, so keeping a manicured lawn will help keep harmful pests at bay. If it’s a natural product you’re looking for, the Mosquito Beater Natural Granules can be applied to your lawn and successfully repels harmful mosquitos for up to 3 weeks! This product is made of Geranium Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Citronella Oil. It repels more than mosquitos, too! Use the natural spray or granules to keep gnats, flies and other nuisance insects away from your home.

We have a full selection of weed control products to help the home lawn and garden or farm.
We have a full selection of Bonide weed control products to help the home lawn and garden or farm.

This season has been tough on our usually prolific tomatoes and other vegetables with the hot, rainy weather that has caused pests to thrive. Gardeners and farmers have come to us for help and we have turned to the The Garden Naturals Collection from Bonide. There are many natural projects that are not only safe for the environment, but that also work! For insect control, Bon-Neem II is a great broad spectrum fungicide, insecticide and miticide for control of not only insects, but successfully and naturally controls diseases and mites on vegetables, herbs, roses, houseplants and more. Captain Jacks is another great product for insect control. It can be used on fruits and vegetables for organic production to control bagworms, borers, caterpillars, loopers, spider mites and more.

The Williamson Farmers Coop help desk is for all our customers to answer any questions you might have.
Our Garden Center help desk is for all our customers to answer any questions you might have.

For weed control on your farm or lawn and garden, we recommend Burn Out. Burn Out is approved for certified organic farming and gardening and is safe for use around pets and people. It kills all types of weeds and grasses and is rainproof after it dries. We recommend Burn Out Weed and Grass Killer for use around the base of mature trees, around driveways, sidewalks, fence lines, barns, pastures and any other area where weed control is desired. Our livestock farmers who want to manage weeds naturally use Burn Out around their electric fencing to keep weeds from shorting out their fence. It’s not only great for the home gardener, but it’s great for our farmers, too!

We know that farming and gardening is hard enough without having to battle weeds and pests. So much of it is a gamble as our farmers depend on Mother Nature and are at her mercy. That’s why we at Williamson County Farmers Cooperative do everything we can to answer your questions. We can do a farm visit and help you determine which products you will need, and are happy to help you in our store. From conventional to organic, we have the Bonide product that will help you succeed in your garden or on your farm. Come visit us today!

The Williamson Farmers Co-op is celebrating its 70th year and has the only full service help desk in Middle TN for your farming, lawn and garden needs.

Find Your Green Thumb at the Co-op Garden Center!

Williamson Farmers Co-opWilliamson County residents have a world of plants and garden tools at their fingertips in the Williamson Farmers Co-op Lawn and Garden Center. Our local farmers are planting for the season, and our home gardeners are filling their homes with flowers and garden plants. Where can you find the best flowers and plants for your garden? The greenhouse in the Lawn and Garden Center at the Williamson Farmers Co-op, of course! We are proud to support local farmers. The Lawn and Garden Center is also home to vegetable, herb and flower plants from the well-known company, Bonnie Plants. Bonnie Plants is a family owned business that began in 1918 in Alabama as a cabbage plant farm. Today, Bonnie Plant Farm is a leading expert company in growing flowers, vegetables and herbs and the Williamson Farmers Co-op works with their regional grower to ensure that you will have the best varieties for your home garden.

lawn and garden centerNot only does the Williamson Farmers Co-op have the best varieties of vegetable, herb and flower plants for your home garden, but Bonnie Plants uses biodegradable cups for all their plants, preventing millions of traditional plastic plant cups from ending up in landfills. This biodegradable pot is healthier for your plant, too! No need to disturb the root system, just plant the whole thing. Bonnie Plants is as concerned about GMO plants as you are- which is why they do not grow plants from GMO seeds. You can rest assured that the plants you buy at the Williamson Farmers Co-op are healthy, sustainable and good for the environment!

crookneck Heirloom squashNo one knows gardening better than farmers, and the Williamson Farmers Co-op has farmers ready to help you plant your best garden. For a small garden, you may consider a raised bed garden that will not take up too much space but will yield an impressive amount. What about a themed raised bed garden such as a Pizza Garden? In the greenhouse you will find the ingredients: Italian herbs, peppers and Roma tomatoes. You can do as many themes as you like with plants that do well growing next to each other, such as a Salsa Garden made up of cilantro, onions, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes. The sky is the limit on garden creativity! You can find all the tools you’ll need for this project in the Lawn and Garden Center and a garden expert to help you.

Organic GardeningThe first step in achieving a healthy lawn and garden is a soil test from the Williamson County Agricultural Extension Office. The soil is the most important component of a garden, and you will probably need to add nutrients to your soil in order to achieve your best yield. A soil test will help you maximize the productivity of your garden by giving it the correct nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium or lime, all of which can be found in the Lawn and Garden Center. Another way to maximize your productivity is by watering your garden correctly. By using a Soil Soaker, also known as drip irrigation, you are placing the water directly at the roots where the plant needs it most. This also is a way to conserve water because water is unable to evaporate as quickly since it is not going airborne. It is better for the plants, allowing the leaves to stay dry and less likely to contract diseases, yet the roots stay wet and the soil is not compacted from an overhead watering system.

williamson farmers co-opThe Lawn and Garden Center is home to more than vegetable and flower plants. If you’re looking for help on creating the perfect lawn, look no further. The Co-op can help you determine what type of lawn you have and any problems you may be combating such as poor drainage, high traffic areas, bare spots or shady spots. Once you figure out the type of soil you have from your soil test, our experts in the Lawn and Garden Center can help you find the right seed, fertilizer and soil conditioner. Co-op has a special fertilizer program called the Tenn-Lawn Slow-Release Fertilizers that will give you the correct analysis for your lawn and in no time your lawn will be problem free and looking it’s best!

For all your garden and lawn needs, whether it’s plants, seeds, tools or fertilizers, the Williamson Farmers Co-op has you covered. Let our farmers help you achieve a true green thumb!
local plants franklin garden center garden center local herbs

Williamson Farmers Co-op Launches New Website!

Our Help Desk provides unmatched Farm Support
Our in store Help Desk has been providing technical farm support for local farmers 70 years

Farmers, home gardeners and backyard chicken enthusiasts have a new way to shop, thanks to Williamson Farmers Co-op’s newly designed website. At 70 years old, Co-op is a staple in the Franklin community and serves as a dependable supplier of products for farmers and homeowners. The Williamson Farmers Co-op has long been known to be on the cutting edge in farming technique and equipment, and now they can add the internet to that long list of expertise. They know that modern day farming is dependent upon broadband and that modern communication is dependent upon the Internet. With that in mind, the Williamson Farmers Co-op has made sure their website is as full of help and knowledge as their store.

WilliamsonCo-opThe Williamson Farmers Co-op is part of the Tennessee Farmers Cooperative system, one of the strongest member-owned organizations in the country. They proudly remind customers, “This gives us strength beyond our county’s borders by providing access to national vendors, experts in all areas of agriculture, and proprietary products manufactured in TFC facilities, which include state-of-the-art feed mills, fertilizer plants, a metal fabrication plant, and seed plant.” The strength of a farmers cooperative helps keep prices stable, but you don’t have to be a member to shop at their store!

Farmers Co-op Farm DayIf you’re just getting started on a new project for your home or farm, things may seem overwhelming at first and you may have many questions. Where do I start? What do I need to know? What do I need to buy? The experts at the Williamson Farmers Co-op have the answers to your questions. The Williamson Farmers Co-op is staffed with expert specialists in all areas, but don’t expect to find those employees in the store at all times behind a counter. They take their expertise beyond the store walls into the field and onto the farm to help farmers diagnose problems, formulate management programs, deliver supplies, apply inputs or set up equipment. They aren’t just employees of a store, they live the farm and rural life, too, and they understand the unique needs of a farmer.

williamson farmers co-opYou don’t have to be a farmer to enjoy the perks of the Williamson Farmers Co-op. They have everything you need to enjoy your rural, or not so rural home. Clothing, hardware, pet needs and more, it can all be found in their store, and now online. They have vegetable seeds or grass seeds, electric fencing or picket fencing. If it can be sown or built, the Williamson Farmers Co-op has an expert to help, and their new website can help you “navigate” the internet for a one stop shop- the Williamson Farmers Co-op.